Adventures in ireland

The power of our surf, the views from our hill tops, the morning dew on your tent. Ireland has your hidden story waiting for you to reveal it.

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Whether its a one day experience or a multi-day expedition we’ll help you right the way through from planning to execution

Ireland has a long history of having some renowned adventures from shackeldon to saint brendan who originally found America. Our sense of adventure is born through our wild forests and coastline. While our weather can be harsh our countryside holds untold stories waiting for you to unlock them.

Experience a family multi-day trip with over night camping down some of our tranquil rivers, or learn how to surf with some of the best swells in the world. Recharge the batteries with an overnight hill walk, camping under the stary sky’s of Connemara or take your time traveling from village to village on a cycling tour through the west coast. 

Adventure vacations in ireland

Adventures On Water

Ireland has some of the best surf Europe has to offer and some of the warmest waters.

Kayaking – Canoeing

Kayaking trips can be organised for small groups where you can explore the coastline, paddle with dolphins and seals or float from harbour to harbour on our inland water ways. Whether its a day trip or a multiday trip we’ll be able to arrange the adventures you’re looking for. We organise Sea & Tour Kayaking Expeditions as well as recreational private tours country wide. 


Get advice from local surfers as to where to go depending on the swells and winds. The west coast of Ireland offers some of the best surfing in Europe. We’ll be able to advise on board rental, accommodation and what gear you will need depending on the time of year and your experience.

Adventures on land

Ireland has hundred of miles of green ways and well marked walk ways, the perfect way to recharge.

Hill Walking in Ireland

With multiple ranges of low lying rolling hills across ireland its an ideal location for multi day walking trips. We can organise camping, hostels, B&B’s or even 5 star hotels depending on what part of the country you are in. You’ll be able to replenish in some of the small villages you’ll be passing through and following some of the most breathtaking views through Wicklow, Kerry, Clare, Connemara and right up to Donegal

Tour Cycling In Ireland

Cycling is without a doubt one of the best ways to see Ireland. With plenty of cycle routes dotted around the country we’ll be able to work with you to help you find the perfect routes as well as help you get your bags from one hotel to the next. We’ll even organise bike for you if you aren;t keen on bringing your own. Some recommended areas are connemara, the burren, the ring of Kerry as well as Mayo/ Belmullet and Donegal