Killaloe was once the capital of Ireland where the high king was elected and today it posses some of the mystery and magical ambience. Killaloe is situated in east Clare and is an ideal stop off for anyone traveling too or from Dublin to Kerry / Limerick / Clare.

Our trip started on a Sunday, we choose a Sunday because the Farmers Market, its a nice plus but not a must see. There’s roughly 10 stalls selling food and local produce, its nice to grab a coffee and stroll along the river and canal bank.



Must see’s in Killaloe

The Cathedral

The Cathedral was completed in 1225 and the grounds are steeped in history with an oratory located, a high cross and Ogham inscription. Along the back of the cathedral is a beautiful walk that features some of the old hand operated cranes that would have loaded and unloaded barges when they were in use.

Graves of the Leinster men & Millenium Cross Walk

While its not mentioned in tripadvisor we’d highly recommend you take the time to visit the Graves of the Leinstermen and the Millenium Cross Walks. Both ares hold stunning views of the entirety of Lough Derg capturing its beauty. The walks are short and if you want to summit without walking there is a road as well.

Beal Boru

Another little gem not feature on tripadvisor that’s worth visiting is Beal Boru, A round fort that is situated right at the entrance to Killaloe from Lough Derg. This area once would have been the epicenter of decision making in Ireland



Food Recommendation

There are plenty of places to eat in killaloe, boruma is good value and you’ll be in and out rather fast or else you can enjoy some gourmet cuisine in Tuscany bistro


Killaloe is full of activities especially for kids with fishing tours, kayaking and sailing and even a high ropes course available