Inishbofin is a bit difficult to get to if your vacation in Ireland is a bit tight on time. In my opinion its one of the nicest places in Ireland to visit so its worth going out of your way to get there if you can.

Getting There

The ferry leaves from Cleggan, its about a 2 – 2.5 hour drive outside Galway depending on if you need to stop or if you’re struggling with Irish roads. they are particularly small out in the west of Ireland. I’d also recommend you give yourself a half hour before the ferry leaves. A return tick to the island is €20 for an adult and its a 40 minute trip in total. The day we went it was a pleasant crossing but I’d imagine it can be rough if the seas are high.

Things To Do On Inishbofin

Beaches of Inishbofin

Dumhach Green Coast Beach

Is one of those Irish gems that make you feel you aren’t even on the island. Its golden white sands and tourquise water is postcard standard. every so often a pod of dolphins will visit this bay as well adding to this unqiue setting. In the background is a breathtaking view of the 12 pin mountains shadowing over the Connemara national park

Tra Gheall Beach

Located across from inish shark, Trá Cheall Beach feels like a desert island. Its unusal shape and location make it very unique. Rolling green hills fall into its beautifully golden sand and is completely away from civilisation. Its one of the more lesser visited beaches as access is a bit more difficult but is a small slice of tranquility where you can rest and gather your toughts.

Eastend Beach

This is just around the corner from Dumhach beach and is easily accessibly by road. Its a nature reserve and if you’ve a snorkel and mark with you, you’ll see ample wildlife under the surface of the water including spider crabs, plaice, pollock and wrasse. Its the safest of all the beaches and makes for a great day out especially if you’ve been blessed with a bit of sun.



Currently the blue way provides water activities in the sheltered harbour area. They have routes marked out where you’ll be able to go on a family adventure, hire a guide or do your own exploring.


The marine life is spectacular on the island and there’s no better way to see it than to immerse yourself in it by going for snorkel. Again, the blue way have dedicated zones and maps to help you make the most of it

Bike Hire

While the island isn’t huge, if you’re staying in east end or far away from the pier it mgiht be worth renting a bike for a day or tow. you can walk most of the island but its nice to be able to get around quickly if you want


Sea angling is a big element of island life and there is a charter boat that you can hire. they’ll take groups out fishing where you’ll have a chance to catch pollock, mackerel, wrasse even octopus. If that doesn’t entertain you some deep sea fishing or tuna fishing might tickle your fancy

Historic sights

Cromwells Barracks

You simply cant visit inishbofin with amdiring cromwells baracks as you turn the corner into the harbour. Its walls towering over the water immediately capture you imagination and set you in for a magical experience

St. Colmans Abbey

Inishbofin has been a inhabited island for centuries, we know this as Saint Colman founded a monastry here in 665AD some of which remains today. The main structure you can find dates to the 14th century but we know of a well and crosses that can be found here

The Viking Pier

Close to Cromwells barracks is an old viking pier. You can spot this at low tide and if you didn’t know what it was you could walk right by it. It looks like a line of rocks which might be covering a pipe of some sort but its actually an old viking jetty

Night Life

Days Bar & B&B

Days bar is a great spot for a bite to eat and a drink at any time of the day. its got lovely benches outside and welcoming atmoshpere in side

Inishbofin house hotel

Has some great food and will often host events. the breakfast area has some wonderful views looking out over the harbour

The Galley Restaurant

If you’re spending a few days on the island The Galley Restaurant is lovely for artisan food and home smoked fish to change things up a bit. Its also very nice for lunch as its located on the east end and is on a lot fo the walk ways or if you’re taking a day at the beach

The Dolphin Restaurant

A lovely spot with fantastic food and hosts, this is a great spot to celebrate with friends and family to mark an occasion