There is a great phrase that says, “there is no such things a bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” but what do you bring on your vacation to Ireland where you can get all four seasons in one day.

A word of warning to anyone thinking of traveling to Ireland, the two photos below were taking on the same day, 4 hours apart, 10 kilometers away from each other.

In the morning we got soaked and it looked like it was never going to stop raining. By lunch time I was soaking up the sun in a T-shirt

A Waterproof Wind breaker

You’ll need this for any outdoor activity, make sure its light because you’ll probably be taking it on and off a lot especially in spring and autumn . . . and I’d hate to lie to you, you might need it in the height of summer as well

In winter you’ll need a waterproof jacket, it often falls below 0 here during the winter, that’s 32 fahrenheit for my American readers

Lots of layers

light fleeces are brilliant in Ireland and thermal base layers, you don’t need your skiing gear but thermal tops will keep you nice and warm with a good fleece

If you’re out walking light layers are very easy to take off and carry around with you and also easy to pack

If you can bring a pair of water proof trousers if you plan on doing any hiking or days where you’ll be away from shelter. Most Irish people would walk around cities in a pair of jeans and usually that does the trick of day to day wear but if you’re venturing out into the country side a pair of waterproof trousers is a nice luxury.

You’ll feel particularly smug looking at others getting soaked.

In winter and early/late spring/autumn a hat, scarve and gloves come in very handy particularly if you’re traveling from a warm country. It might be better to buy these here if you’re tight for space.

It could be a tropical paradise – Its hard to know in Ireland what the weather is going to be like, but as the saying goes – “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”


There isn’t much need to bring any of these, there are plenty of shops where you can pick up travel size shampoos and whatever else you need. I’d recommend a quick trip to a shop called boots either in the airport or while you;re roaming around one of our cities.


We have a three prong plug, its the UK plug not the european plug. My advice would be to get a universal adapter that will fit any country, it will last you years. some hotels will have american sockets, ask up front when booking or when you get to the hotel but take it that you will need an adapter.

Driving Licence

Even if you plan on not driving, bring it just in case. Car rental is very cheap at the minute in Ireland and you may change you mind. using public transport getting to and from Dublin is generally good but trying to get to other cities can be difficult.

Evening Wear

Ireland is fairly casual, most places are jeans and shirt / T-shirt and ladies are casual as well. if you’re going clubbing you might want to dress up a bit but again its fairly relaxed


I think with the modernisation of phones these days you’ll find it hard to forget but just in case I said I’d mention it.

Everything else you pack is a luxury, as long as you have your phone, wallet and keys (and passport) leaving your house you’ll be able to replace everything else, above are the bare essentials I would recommend bring on your trip.